shawn mcdonald rise

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[04:27]Shawn McDonald - Rise
[03:29]Shawn McDonald - Closer
[03:55]Shawn McDonald - Take This Life
[03:55]Shawn McDonald - All I Need
[05:34]Shawn McDonald - Winter
[03:22]Shawn McDonald - Closer (ost drop dead diva)
[04:07]Shawn McDonald - Storms
[04:25]Shawn McDonald - Don't Give Up
[03:48]Shawn McDonald - Control
[06:40]Shawn McDonald - Hallelujah
[03:45]Shawn McDonald - Take My Hand
[03:45]Shawn McDonald - Take My Hand
[04:27]Shawn McDonald - Light
[05:00]Shawn McDonald - Reason
[03:44]Shawn McDonald - Wash Me Clean
[03:40]Shawn McDonald - Time
[04:23]Shawn McDonald - Gravity
[03:27]Shawn McDonald - Free
[02:51]Shawn McDonald - Hope
[05:26]Shawn McDonald - Have You Ever
[03:40]Shawn McDonald - The Space Between Us
[04:48]Shawn McDonald (альбом Ripen, 2006) - I Am Nothing
[03:57]Shawn McDonald - Better Way
[03:26]Shawn McDonald - What Are You Waiting For (Radio Version; Bonus Track)
[03:47]Shawn McDonald - Closer
[01:44]Shawn McDonald - Ramblings of a Begger
[04:39]Shawn McDonald - have you ever
[03:57]Shawn McDonald - take my hand
[03:20]Shawn McDonald - You are all I need
[04:58]Shawn McDonald - Beautiful
[03:26]Shawn McDonald - Clarity
[03:31]Shawn McDonald - Through It All
[03:24]Shawn McDonald - Through It All (Radio Version
[03:32]Shawn McDonald - over the rainbow
[05:01]Shawn McDonald - Here I Am
[01:47]Shawn McDonald - Amazing Grace
[03:30]Shawn McDonald - All I Need
[03:27]Shawn McDonald - Free
[03:41]Shawn McDonald - We Are Brave
[03:15]Shawn McDonald - Greed
[03:17]Shawn McDonald - Don't Walk Away
[03:54]Shawn McDonald - take this life
[04:11]Shawn McDonald - Gravity
[03:35]Shawn McDonald - Open Me
[04:12]Shawn McDonald - Gravity
[02:49]Shawn McDonald - Dont Walk Away
[03:20]Shawn McDonald - Pour Out
[04:10]Shawn McDonald - Gravity
[03:48]Shawn McDonald - I Can't Imagine
[03:55]Shawn McDonald - Flower In the Snow