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[04:44]Dark Tranquillity - Dark Tranquillity - Hours Passed In Exile
[03:54]Dark Tranquillity - I, Deception
[03:55]Dark Tranquillity - I, Deception (Bonus Track)
[07:32]Dark Tranquillity - Void Of Tranquillity
[04:02]Dark Tranquility - Senses Tied
[03:32]Dark Tranquillity - Haven
[03:12]Dark Tranquillity - The Same
[05:17]Dark Tranquility - The Mundane And The Magic
[06:07]Dark Tranquillity - Auctioned [Projector, 1999]
[03:08]Dark Tranquillity - DAY TO END [album: PROJECTOR, 1999]
[04:42]Dark Tranquillity - Lethe
[03:20]Dark Tranquillity - Asleep in the Bandaged Light
[04:39]Dark Tranquillity - Icipher
[04:29]Dark Tranquillity - Am I 1?
[04:47]Dark Tranquillity - Punish My Heaven
[05:15]Dark Tranquillity - The Mundane and the Magic (Мелодик-дэт металл. Клавишные пассажи на фоне глоула с хрипотой Станне. Чудно...)
[05:25]Dark Tranquillity - My Friend of Misery [Metal Militia - A Tribute to Metallica, 1994, VBR0]
[04:09]Dark Tranquillity - White Noise/Black Silence
[04:36]Dark Tranquility - Lost to apathy
[04:14]Dark Tranquility - Cathode Ray Sunshine(Brutal Legend OST)
[04:32]Dark Tranquillity - The Fatalist
[03:48]Dark Tranquillity - Dream Oblivion
[03:25]Dark Tranquillity - Below the Radiance (Previously Unreleased)
[03:23]Dark Tranquillity - Silence in the House of Tongues
[05:29]Dark Tranquillity - My Friend of Misery (Metallica cover)
[04:37]Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy
[03:15]Dawn Of Tears - The Wonders At Your Feet (Dark Tranquillity Cover)
[03:46]Dark Tranquillity - Shadow in Our Blood
[05:55]Dark Tranquility - There In
[04:14]Dark Tranquillity - Miserys crown
[04:31]Dark Tranquillity - Ex Nihilo
[03:50]Dark Tranquillity - Surface The Infinite
[07:15]Dark Tranquillity - A Bolt Of Blazing Gold
[04:14]Dark Tranquillity - Cathode Ray Sunshine(OST Brutal Legend)
[04:18]Dark Tranquillity (Sentenced) - Broken
[03:10]Dark Tranquillity - The Same
[05:17]Dark Tranquillity - The Mundane And The Magic
[03:38]Dark Tranquillity - Monochromatic Stains
[04:06]Dark Tranquillity - Dry run
[04:55]Dark Tranquillity - Misery's Crown (LIVE)
[05:47]Dark Tranquillity - Inside The Particle Storm [Live]
[05:08]Dark Tranquillity - Edenspring [Live]
[04:17]Dark Tranquillity - The Sun Fired Blanks
[04:21]Dark Tranquillity - Blind At Heart
[03:32]The Agonist - Monochromatic Stains (Dark Tranquillity cover)
[03:34]Dark Tranquillity - Haven
[05:55]Dark Tranquillity - There In
[06:52]Dark Tranquillity - Insanitys Crescendo
[03:51]Dark Tranquillity - 04. To Where Fires Cannot Feed ( Melodic Death Metal ) (СBR 320 kbps) (2012)
[04:31]Dark Tranquillity - Free Card