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[03:13]Stromae cover metall - Alors On Danse (DF|GZ Metal Cover)
[03:29]By Cover Sky - If Only You (Danny Cover Metal version)
[01:48]Mortal Kombat 9 - Mortal Kombat (cover metall version OST Mortal Kombat 9)
[03:00]Арт-проект Живые - Белая стрекоза любви (cover, metal)
[07:58]П.И.Чайковский - Лебединое Озеро (cover Metal)
[02:41]Ранетки - Сердце не спит (Cover)))))) Metal
[02:51]Неизвестен - cover metall - 18 мне уже)
[03:59]The Prodigy - Voodo People (Cover metall)
[05:02]♫Seether - I'm Never Gonna Dance Again (George Michael Cover, Metall Version)♫
[03:51]Motorhead - Whiplash. (metallica cover):(Metall)
[04:43]Judas (Lady Gaga Cover, Metal Style) - Без названия
[00:44]с днём рождения (метал) - (Cover metall)
[03:52]Fail Emotions - How much is the fish (Scooter cover) [Metal]
[02:32]Александр Сухов - Nokia (Cover) Metall version
[03:22]Music from Dendy in ROCK - Chip & Dale - cover metal (Darkman007)
[02:59]Вот как надо! - Lady Gaga cover METALL
[03:10]Britney Spears - Crazy (Cover Metall)
[05:13]Scooter Cover (metal версия немецкого марша) - How Much Is The Fish
[03:22]Dendy Music - Chip & Dale - cover metal (Darkman007)
[03:58]Акулыч feat Lady Gaga - Poker face(cover metall)
[03:43]PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (Full Metal Cover by Anamnesis) - Full Metal Cover
[02:36]Super Mario Bros Castle Theme Metal Remix Cover - Nylithia Guitar, Drums, Bass Bowser - Mario metal
[03:37]Britney Spears(Metal COVER) - Toxic (cover guitar)
[03:31]Battletoads (cover) - [Metall cover]хороший будильник
[03:33]Inforg cover - Requiem for a dream (metal cover)
[05:34][alternative metal / cover] Gang Loco - It's No Good (Depeche Mode cover)
[05:58]Malmsteen-Gimme/METALL version - (ABBA Metal Cover)
[03:48]Great Metal Covers - Around The World (ATC cover)
[06:11]Metal Cover - Pirates of the Caribbean - Full Metal Band Version
[03:00]Art Of Metal - Battletoads (Metal Cover)
[03:18]Eagles Of Death Metal - Stuck In The Metal (Stealers Wheel cover)
[01:25]Super Metal Bros - Super Mario Main Theme Metal Cover
[03:15]hard covers of fucking pops - Я сошёл с ума (Metal cover)
[04:15]Виктор Львов(Metal Hero) VS МакSим - Отпускаю (Metall Cover)
[03:50]OST Covers - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (Metal Cover)
[03:25]Metal Hero VS Натали - О,Боже, какой мужчина (Metal Cover)
[04:36]Helloween - Metal Jukebox (ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me cover)
[02:25]Nylithia - Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme (Metal Cover)
[03:10]Black Sweden - Dancing Queen (metal cover abba)
[04:15]Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady (Metal cover)
[03:28]ReinXeed - All That She Wants (Ace Of Base symphonic metal cover)
[03:41]Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons: Winter (Classic Metal cover)
[01:05]Феникс (Александр "Thrash" Metal & Сергей "Cerber" Журба - Воля И Разум (Ария cover)
[01:23]Римский-Корсаков - Полёт шмеля (metal cover)на гитаре
[03:31]Lady GaGa - Just Dance (metal cover)
[03:30]Lady GaGa - Paparazzi [Metal Cover]
[03:15]Я сошёл с ума (Metal cover) - я совсем устал..мама...я люблю металл...)))))))))))
[05:32]PSY - Gangam Style (Metal cover) Medley
[03:58]Britney Spears & Andrey Menshikov - Till the World Ends (Djent Metal cover)
[00:51]Savlonic - Look at my horse (Metal Cover)