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[05:29]shayla philip hui CCCATCH BAD BOYS BLUE - BAD BOYS BLUE
[02:51]Blues - Blue Moon
[05:05]Im blue, da buda )) - blue blue (remix) 2012
[04:00]Midnight Blue A Project Of Louise Tucker & Charlie Skarbek - Midnight Blue
[02:46]Братья Блюз 2000 (Blues Brothers 2000) - 1998 - 06. John Goodman, Dan Aykroyd and The Blues Brothers Band - Looking for a fox
[03:29]The Blues Brother - Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Jonny Lang And The Blues Brothers Band / 634-5789
[06:02]Blue System - Laila (Masterboy Beat Production Blue Dance Mix)
[03:06]The Blues Collection vol.53 - Sleepy John Estes - Someday Baby Blues
[03:02]djBERKUT feat.Bad Boys Blue - Join The Bad Boys Blue
[03:56]Kind Of Blue - Bitter Blue
[04:52]*S-R* 1995 Into The Blue-Remixes (LCDMUTE179) - Moby (club13248709) - Into The Blue (Summer Wind Mix)
[02:16]Blue Stahli (2012 / Single) - Blue Stahli
[04:27]Hobo Blues Band - 3:20-as blues
[03:26]Ministry of Sound ft. Deepest Blue - Deepest Blue (OST к/ф Красавчик)
[02:58]the Shocking Blue - Shoking You - Голландия 70-ых подарила миру Кройфа и Shoking Blue (Сильвия Кристел не в счёт)))). Это моё любимое творение последних.
[01:04]Blue Foundation - Blue Foundation - I'll seek you out Flay (Dub Step remix)
[01:41]Bad Boys Blue - Baby Blue 2012 (Acoustic Edit) (snippet) []
[03:16]Modern Talking & Blue System - Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big
[04:04]Bad Boys Blue - Out Of The Blue
[05:30]OST - The Blues Brothers 2000 - The Louisiana gator Boys - How Blue can you get
[01:29]Improvising Blues Piano_Tim Richards - 65 Slow 12-8 Blues
[04:27]Hobo Blues Band - 320-as Blues (1980)
[03:49]Hobo Blues Band - Kozepeuropai Hobo Blues No.2.
[03:47]Hobo Blues Band - K'obanya Blues
[11:51]BAD BOYS BLUE = COME BACK AND STAY = Ultrasound Instrumental The Audio Classic Mix - BAD BOYS BLUE = COME BACK AND STAY = Ultrasound Instrumental The Audio Classic Mix
[07:40]Adam Nickey pres. Blue 8 - Eleventh Street (Ferry Tayle & Static Blue Remix)
[04:39]BAD BOYS BLUE = YOU`RE A WOMAN = Instrumental - BAD BOYS BLUE = YOU`RE A WOMAN = Instrumental
[06:35]Systems In Blue - Blue System Medley
[03:17]The Blues Collection vol.79 - James Booker - Blues Rhapsody
[03:28]Systems In Blue - System In Blue (Instrumental Version)
[06:17]Systems In Blue - System In Blue (Long Version)
[03:19]Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Walkin' Blues
[01:28]Danny Cocke(From The Blue) - They Came From The Blue
[04:06]Modern Blues Band - Falling Leaves Blues (к/ф Блюз опадающих листьев)
[07:39]Blue Twinkle - Hotaru (Blue-T Uplift)
[03:25]Charles Brown/Putumayo Presents - A Jazz & Blues Christmas - Santa's Blues
[03:37](eurodisco)Systems in Blue - Out of the Blue ( Instrumental)2011
[03:49]Instru : Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus Acapella : The Doors - Roadhouse blues - Amoraboy - The Doors vs Depeche Mode - Roadhouse Personal Jesus Blues
[03:47]Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
[02:39]Paul Nero The Blue Sounds (ФРГ) (Klaus Doldinger) - Walking Blue Sounds (Melodie In F) Written-By - Rubinstein
[04:47]$$* Shoking Blue- Blues__Zhukov Nick - Blue Jean Blues
[12:01]Bad Boys Blue - BAD BOYS BLUE - MEGAMIX 2011 - 2012
[04:20]Electro Blues - The Sheltering Sky (Electro Blues Lounge Version)
[03:17]Братья Блюз 2000 (Blues Brothers 2000) - 1998 - 04. Dan Aykroyd, Lonnie Brooks, Junior Wells, and the Blues Brtothers Band - Cheaper to keep Her
[06:12]Andrew Spencer meets Blue Nature - I Need a Hero (Blue Nature Mix)
[06:40]American Folk Blues Festival - Blues Harp Blues By Three
[05:10]Vargas Blues Band - Blues Para Lucia
[03:49]VARGAS BLUES BAND, 2012 "Vargas Blues Band & Company" - Pretty Blue
[03:43]Blues Backing track - Slow Hard Blues In E
[04:14]Barbara Blue - Road Blues