Masterx Afraid Of This Generation

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[07:17]Claud VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit - Who's Afraid Of Detroit
[03:32]Echo And The Bunnymen ** Get the rest of this MP3 album for FREE ! Go to ** - It's Alright ** Get the rest of this MP3 album for FREE ! Go to **
[03:34]Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983) - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
[03:53]Rock of Ages - God of This City
[06:51]Constance Demby. 1987 - Light of This World (Свет мира сего) - 07. Darkness of Space (Темнота космоса)
[02:15]Voice Of A Generation - Odd Generation's Back
[07:36]Rhapsody Of Fire - Power of thy Sword (Manowar cover)
[06:30]The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Lake Of Sorrow (Live in Krakow)
[07:27]The Sins Of Thy Beloved - The Flame Of Wrath (Live in Krakow)
[04:34]life is wonderful it's true - Beautiful (7'' Canny Mix) - want you to be here and make love to me to this song put on repeat all night so that in the morning I couldn't fall asleep afraid of loosing this overwhelming tender happiness making me feel alive
[04:17]RIVERSIDE - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (2013) - 01.New Generation Slave
[04:19]Elliott Yamin - So why does your pride make you run and hide? Are you that afraid of me? But I know it's a lie what you keep inside This is not how you wanted to be....So baby I will wait for you Cause I don't know what else i can do Don't tell me I ran
[05:25]Black Sabbath - Master of Reality (1971) - 06 Lord Of This World
[05:24]In The Act Of Violence - No Man's Land (feat. Tyler Kameda of "This Is Death Valley")
[03:26]The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Demo - 2 - Garden Of Eden
[04:36]King of Thorn - Edge Of This World [King of Thorn OST]
[04:36]Hypocrisy [2013] End of Disclosure - Tales Of Thy Spineless
[04:20]Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 600.12 (06.04.2013) (Live @ Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, The Netherlands) (Who's Afraid Of 138?! - Part 3 - Aly & Fila) - Amadeus vs. Aly & Fila-A Dream Of Peace (Neptune Project Remix)
[05:20]Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 609 (18.04.2013) (Who's Afraid of 138?! Special) - Better Half of Nehalennia (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Mashup)
[04:10]Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 609 (18.04.2013) (Who's Afraid of 138?! Special) - Fable (Ultimate Mix) [Tune of The Week]
[03:19]Example - I’ve never been afraid of the highest heights Or afraid of flying now I’ve never been afraid of the wildest fights Not afraid of dying But now I want off this ride cuz your scaring me and I don’t like where were going I need a new fun fair cuz you
[07:39]RIVERSIDE - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (2013) - 02.The Depth Of Self-Delusion
[03:15]Tango Experience - Best of 80's & 90's - Sweet Dreams - Are Made of This
[05:25]The Art Of Noise - Out of This World [Version 138] (1999)
[07:17]The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Worthy Of You
[03:46]VA - The Very Best Of This Is Acid Jazz (2CD) 2001 - Obey the Rules of Night
[07:19]The Sins Of Thy Beloved - [gothic metal/sympho doom] - 1999-Lake Of Sorrow - Worthy of you
[03:24]We Are The Ocean - All Of This Has To End
[03:26]A Day To Remember - Better Of This Way
[05:18]Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Sucker Punch OST. Approved by 42RUS™; Стили: Instrumental, Trance; Продолжительность: 5:18; Размер файла: 12.1 Мб; Формат: MP3, 320 Кбит; Дата записи: 04.06.2011.
[04:14]Jonathan Singleton & The Grove - I’m Afraid of Storms (Silent Hill: Downpour Credits 2)
[03:38]Alex Band-One - Very beautiful song! you do not love such, will say that it is sad, but make an attempt listen the words of this song and understand about what it! Not look in a translator! Successes, Colin Wh)
[04:39]Message To Bears - At The Top Of This Hill
[03:48]Havana Brown Ft. Pitbull - We Run The Night. When the sun goes down, down, down, down Boy you’re afraid of the dark, dark And when the lights go out, out, out, out Tell me do you know where to start, start And when the base get loud loud loud That is when I feel apart, apart...
[03:13]The Animals - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
[08:19]Ziggy Funk Feat. Taliwa - What You Afraid Of (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Disco Phobia Mix)
[03:25]Murs & Fashawn - This Generation (feat. Adrian)
[03:46]Robert Cray Band - Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark
[06:02]The Klezmatics - Yo Riboyn Olam (God, Master of This Universe)
[04:02]vintage cafe. vol 4 CD №3 - track №3 кавер на (Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams - Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas Everybody's looking for something)
[02:45]оркестр п/у Фредо Гардони и Мануэля Пуи - Три поросенка и злой волк (Who's afraid of Big Bad Wolf?), фокстрот
[03:26]Золотой Аккордеон - Memoires Are Made Of This
[02:37]Shaimus - All of This
[03:59]Claude Von Stroke - Who's afraid of Detroit? (Stephan Bodzin remix)
[04:01]Tori Amos - Live covers - Sweet dreams (are made of this) (by Eurythmics)
[03:09]Alice Cooper - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
[03:09]Jonas Brothers - Out Of This World
[04:22]Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit? "Горцы от ума"
[05:18]Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)(OST Запрещенный прием)
[04:52]Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)