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[61]Howard Shore - Rohan (OST LOTR)
[6][NS] LOTR - Клич Харада
[23][NS] LOTR - Клич Изенгарда
[268]Chetreo - The Two Towers (LOTR Remix 2 of 3)
[132]LOTR ost - Gandalfs Fall
[5][NS] LOTR - Клич Мордора №1
[37]Sir James Galway - The Song Of The King (OST The LOTR - The ROTK)
[11][NS] LOTR - Клич Гондора №1
[172]The Return of the King - (LOTR remix 3 of 3)
[21][NS] LOTR - Орки идут
[7][NS] LOTR - Клич Мордора №3
[52][NS] LOTR - Речь Сарумана
[184]LoTR Remix - Orders from Mordor
[363]Clint Mansell - Summer, Summer Overture (LOTR Remix Edition)
[75]LOTR: RofK - The Steward of Gondor (feat. Billy Boyd)
[235]LotR (the musical) - The Cat And The Moon
[304]OST LOTR Jamie Christopherson - Dwarven Music (OST LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth II)
[692]Howard Shore - The Fighting Uruk-hai (LOTR I OST)
[192]These Hearts - Lotr (Post-Hardcore.RU)
[71]Howard Shore (LOTR The Two Towers OST) - 26. The Voice of Saruman
[357]OST LOTR - The Brigde Of Khazad Dum
[574]LOTR - Mordor Theme
[415]Eklektika - " Fantasy" (Morrowind & LOTR Themes Cover)
[249]Howard Shore (LOTR The Fellowship Of The Ring OST) - 11. Saruman The White
[56]LOTR - Песня Перегрина Тука (Пипина)
[614]LoTR OST - The Return of the King
[82]LOTR - Rohan
[187]Chetreo - The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR Remix 1 of 3)
[174]Pogo - Murmurs of Middle-Earth (LOTR Remix)
[291]LOtR - The Musical - 02 - The Road Goes On
[175]Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits (OST LOTR)
[372]Howard Shore - The Three Hunters (LOTR II OST)
[294]Howard Shore - The Caverns of Isengard (LOTR I OST)
[435]Howard Shore (LOTR OST) - Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All
[80]Howard Shore & Billy Boyd - Pippin's Song (OST LOTR)
[295]LOtR - The Musical - 15 - Wonder
[6]Dj JmaamJ - mlg/lotr airhorn