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[03:23]Beneficence feat. AG (of D.I.T.C.) & DJ Kaos (of The Artifacts) - All Real (prod. 6th Sense)
[04:11]Aim - True To Hip-Hop (Remix) feat. AG of D.I.T.C.
[03:42]Pushking - The Best Of Everyone- 05 - Way Of Love
[19:22]Wind Of Buri - Moments Of Life 056 ('Chill Out Zone' One Year Anniversary Sp. Mix)
[02:49]Wind Of Buri - Moments Of Life (Vocal - Chill Mix)
[17:37]Wind Of Buri - Moments Of Life 052 (Psy Chill Mix)
[02:20]Dance Hits 90's - Best Remixes Of Hits 70's-80's - Sally Anne Marsh - Windmills Of Your Mind
[03:15]SPA MOODS Sound Of Nature - Song Of The Mayas
[03:53]Lordz of Brooklyn - Lake of fire (OST Mafia-The City of Lost Heaven)
[03:55]Story Of The Year - The Ghost Of You And I
[06:38]Cradle of Filth - At The Gates Of Midian
[03:11]Last Days of Humanity - A Divine Proclamation of Finishing the Present Existence
[01:56]March of Kyokushinkai - March of Kyokushinkai
[03:52]Best of '80-s '90-s - 17 Survivor - Eye of the Tige
[04:19]Poets of the fall - Carnaval of rust
[06:26]Lichtmond 2 - Universe of Light. Audio Version (2012) - Moments of Joy
[05:21]Idiom Of Sad - A State Of Us
[01:56]City of the Fallen - Cry of the Prophets
[08:45]My Dying Bride - 2004 - Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light - The Wreckage Of My Flesh
[03:27]Army Of Lovers - Balltooms Of Versailles
[02:39]Zelda_Ocarina Of Time - Temple Of Time
[03:43]Fort Minor feat. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park - Believe Me [featuring Bobo and Styles of Beyond]
[02:42]“CAROL OF THE BELLS” - Carol Of The Bells
[02:48]The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Girl of 1,000 Dreams
[03:33]WORDS OF CONCRETE - Resurrection Of The Hopeless
[04:47]Ronan Hardiman - Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance(1996) - 07.The Lord Of The Dance
[07:12]God Of Universe - Attack Of The Mad Woodpecker
[08:09]The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love
[02:59]Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 Complete OST - 02 - Angels Of Death (Space Marine Theme)
[03:04]Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II (OST) - March Of The Waaagh
[04:30]Powerwolf - Blood Of The Saints 2011 - Night Of The Werewolves
[03:02]Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II (OST) - Angels Of Death
[04:05]Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 Complete OST - 22 - Hymn Of The Black Legion
[03:03]Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 Complete OST - 05 - March Of The Waaagh! (Ork Theme)
[03:24]Flight of the Conchords - I'm Not Crying (OST The Pirates! Band of Misfits 2012)
[04:14]Composition Of Sound - The Price Of Love
[04:22]Ministry of Sound (CD Series) - Taurine - Dreams Of Hope
[04:38]DJ DROM Armin Van Buuren - In And Out Of Love (Aelyn Chillout Cover) - Armin van Buuren ft Sharon den Adel In and Out of Love Dj Drom RmX 2012
[03:11]из к/ф Рокки Бальбоа - Eye of the tiger (девушка поёт) - Eye of the tiger-мотивация чемпиона...
[02:33]God of War 3 OST - Melody of Pandora
[00:49]Avatar, The Legend of Aang - The End Of Avatar (OST)
[02:50]Дети шпионов 2. Остров несбывшихся надежд (Spy Kids 2. Island of Lost Dreams) - 2002 - 20. John Debney - Isle Of Dreams
[03:44]Lord Of The Lost - Marching Into Sunset feat. Erk Aicrag of Hocico & Rabia Sorda
[03:51]Rhapsody Of Fire - The Village Of Dwarves (оригинально)
[06:01]Tha Alkaholiks, Lords Of The Underground, Tha Trickaz - East vs. West feat. Tha Alkaholiks, Lords Of The Underground (Original Mix)
[03:49]G-Dragon of Big Bang - The Leaders [Feat. Teddy of 1TYM & CL of 2NE1]
[03:02]Pirates Of The Sea - Wolves Of The Sea (Евровидение 2008 - Латвия)
[05:04]Monsters Of Rave - Goddamn (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
[02:45]Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman. OST "The Last of the Mohicans" - Top of the World
[02:19]OST & Themes of The Heroes II - Rise of Spirit (композитор: Алексей Абрамов, дудук: Дмитрий Павлов, скрипка: Дмитрий Шугушев, флейта: Алексей Абрамов))