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[06:12]49ers - Your Feet (DJ EN Mindkill Remix 2012)[Electro House ,Speed Garage] [AfterParty Series]
[03:37]The 49ers - Reason We Rhyme
[04:25]49ers - Je Cherche Apres Titine (Original Mix)
[04:19]Tom Waits - Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)nighthawks at the diner of Emma's 49er, there's a rendezvous of strangers around the coffee urn tonight all...
[04:00]49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith - I Got The Music Aka I Got It (Radio Edit)
[03:49]49ers - Rockin' My Body [1994]
[04:32]49ers - Move Your Feet
[03:50]49ers - Baby I'm Yours (Eurodance - /id20720766)
[02:30]The 49ers - Dreamin'
[06:06]49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith - Move Your Feet (Extended House Mix) (Eurodance - vk.com/id20720766)
[02:05]49Ers feat. A.M.S. - Hangin' On To Love (Acappella) (Eurodance - /id20720766)
[05:56]49ers - Hangin' On To Love (Cappella C.C.G.T. Mix)
[03:43]The 49ers - Money Talks (Am7 Remix)
[03:40]Think Twice & David Ryshpan - When The Smoke Clears feat. Golden Boy, Coates, and the 49ers
[02:53]The 49ers - More Than Friends
[05:56]The 49ers Featuring Ann-Marie Smith - Hangin' On To Love (Cappella C.C.G.T. Mix) 1995
[03:35]The Quireboys - 49Er (Hard Rock)
[05:04]49ers - Je Cherche Apres Titine (Light Green Mix)
[02:46]Incise - In Love With Two Women Ft. The 49ers
[05:59]49ers - Don't You Love Me (90's Mix) (Eurodance - vk.com/id20720766)
[05:09]49ers feat. Cappella - I Got The Music (M-Phasis Remix) (BEST € EURODANCE 90 €)
[03:35]49ers - Keep Your Love
[04:26]Ferde Grofe - Death Valley Suite ● '49er Emigrant Train
[05:58]49ers - Don't You Love Me [1990] $#$#$ EURODANCE РУЛИТ $#$#$(Club - 14942930)
[03:58]-=DJ HITS 27=-\09\ - 49ers - Rockin' My Body >>> {http://vk.com/djhits}
[05:55]The Best Of Italo Disco Vol.15 1990 - 49Ers - Die Walkure (Remix)
[03:48]49ers - Keep Your Love
[06:09]49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith - Keep Your Love (Extended Mix)
[05:49]49ers - Touch Me
[06:27]49ers - Got To Be Free (Night Dreams Club Mix) (Eurodance - vk.com/id20720766)
[02:46]Incise - In Love With Two Women (Feat. The 49ers)
[05:22]49ers & Masters At Work - The Message (vocal dub)
[03:41]49ers - Touch Me
[05:52]49ers - Touch Me (Sexual Version)
[05:55]49ers - Touch Me (Sexual Version) (Eurodance - vk.com/id20720766)
[04:21]The 49ers - Next to the Ex
[04:05]The 49ers - Sunday Smile
[04:50]Re:plus - Imagine (Feat. The 49ers)
[02:30]The 49ers - dreamin'
[05:56]49ers - Touch Me (Extended Dance Version)
[03:15]Blazo - Dock Ellis (Remix) (Feat. The 49ers)
[02:47]SoulChef - Blind Man See (Feat. The 49ers)
[03:24]49ers - I Need You
[05:50]49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith - Move Your Feet (Extended Techno Mix) (Eurodance - vk.com/id20720766)
[03:49]49ers - Rockin' My Body (Radio Edit)
[05:55]49ers - Rockin' My Body (Cappella Mix) (Eurodance - vk.com/id20720766)
[04:56]49ers & Cappella - I Got The Music (M-phasis Rmx)
[03:46]49ers - Touch Me
[06:19]49ers - The Message (Full Mix) (1992)
[02:40]49ers - Move Your Feet (Acapella) club11959374