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[03:16]2Pac - Fake Ass Bithces (Acapella) - www.semen100prorap.ucoz.ru
[02:56]2Pac Feat Xzibit - Fake Ass Bitches MAk Remix
[03:10]2pac - Fake Ass Bitches
[04:24]2pac Ft.Eazy-E - Fake Ass Bitches(Remix DJ GAPPA)
[03:00]2pac - Fake Ass Bitches (Unreleased)
[02:56]2pac - Fake ass bitches
[03:55]2pac,Eazy E,Fat Joe - fake ass bitches ( makaveli remix 2010)
[05:03]Crime Mob - Fake Ass Nigga
[02:58]2pac - YouTube - 2Pac - Throw Your Guns Up ( Unreleased ) NEW !! 2008
[04:58]2pac - 11. 2Pac - Homeboyz In Da Club feat. Outlawz & 50cent (DJFatal Remix)
[04:25]12 2Pac - The Best Of 2Pac - Until The End Of Time
[04:15]04 2pac tupac eminem notorious bi - - 2Pac Big Ja Rule - Never Got
[03:59]2pac, Biggie, Black Rob, Little Kim - Tupac Diss! - Trust Me! Notorious Big Biggie Black Rob Hit Em Up Remake Tear His Ass Up Like His Cellmates Did Unrelease
[02:03]x Fat Ass x - Shake Ya Ass Bitch
[03:05]шоколадка любов fake - Не бреши Джейк твоя любов fake.....
[06:40]01 Nina Kraviz - Pain In The Ass (Original Mix) - Tech House - Nina Kraviz - Pain In The Ass (Label - Rekids) - Release Date: 2009.12.06
[04:56]2pac - 2Pac Hologram at Coachella 2012 | Hail Mary & Gangsta Party feat_ Snoop Dogg
[04:55]2pac - 2Pac - I Aint Mad At Cha (Feat. Danny Boy)
[02:37]2Pac ft The Game - 2Pac ft The Game Westcoast Anthem REMIX Fitzyy & Dj Boy In The Bubble
[04:10]2pac - 2pac - I'll Be Missing You (Changes Remix) (Tupac Tribute)
[04:55]2pac - Dj Lpc presents 2Pac Whatz Next
[03:59]2pac - 2pac - Thug Tearz AKA Tongue Kissin
[04:17]2pac - Crooked Ass Nigga
[04:37]2Pac ft. Anna - 2Pac ft. Anna - Can't Back Down. Echale Mojo RemiX
[04:17]2pac, Big Syke, The Outlawz, Johnny J, QDIII, T-Jay, Napoleon, Coolio, Prince Ital Joe, Kurrupt/Dj Cvince - 4. Kurrupt, Coollio & Prince Ital Joe - Dedication (2pac Tribute)(Re-Styled)
[03:58]2pac - In the air tonight (remix 2Pac & Phill Collins)
[03:26]2Pac ft. Eminem - *NEW 2012* 2Pac ft. Eminem - "Heaven For A Baller" (DJ Nabz Remix)
[03:59]2pac, Big Syke, The Outlawz, Johnny J, QDIII, T-Jay, Napoleon, Coolio, Prince Ital Joe, Kurrupt/Dj Cvince - 11. 2pac - Last Ones Left (2001)
[04:00]2pac & DJ Cvince/2pac - 6 Bonus - 2pac - Late Night (DJ Cvince Remake)
[02:31]2pac & dj corna - 2Pac - Ballad of a Dead Soulja [2012 REMIX]
[05:57]Alex C Feat Y-Ass - Sweetest Ass in the World (Extended)
[03:29]2pac Shakur - 11 - 2Pac - Don't Stop [Album Version - Explicit]
[02:29]2Pac (prod. DJ Pyro) - 2pac - Ride On Our Enemies Dj Pyro Remix 2 song
[04:48]2Pac, Nas, Biggie, Az, Big Pun - 2Pac - Never Call You Bitch A
[06:45]Michael Jackson ft. 2pac - Michael Jackson ft. 2pac - Who Is It (Exclusive Remix Unreleased by DJ Geezy)
[03:54]2pac - 07-2pac-hold_on_be_strong_(speedy_of_cynikalproductions_and_hakaveli_remix)
[03:57]2Pac,Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre,DPG,Outlawz - - 2Pac ft Snoop Dogg - Street Life
[03:30]2Pac feat. Game & Ice Cube - Pac s Revenge (2Pac & Game Mixtape)
[03:52]Alex C Feat. Y-Ass - You've Got The Sweetest Ass In The World (Puma Scorz Remix Edit)
[04:27]2pac - 2Pac - Untill the end of time
[03:31]2Pac feat. Game Ice Cube - Pacs Revenge (2Pac Game Mixtape)
[03:55]2pac - Hennessey (OG) (Acapella) (2Pac Verse & Ad-libs)
[03:32]Alex C. feat. Y-Ass - 006 Alex C. Ft. Y-Ass - Du Hast Den Schoensten Arsch Der Welt
[02:53]2Pac feat. mariah carey - 2Pac - Sucka 4 Love - DJ Fatal (Mariah Carey)
[03:34]Alex C Feat Y-Ass - The Sweetest Ass In The World (English Radio Version)
[03:07]2pac - 2pac - Tupac Ambitionz As A Ridah Instrumental
[03:27]2pac - Imran Khan ft. Bow Wow and 2PAC - Bewafa 2010